BTW: Ironically, (I’m not kidding here) there is a ton of money to go back to school if you have permanent brain damage and want to go to the hard sciences. Anyone else find this ironic?

Yesterday’s 411:

I love my life and my wife, but when you’re trying decide on a career switch between Aristotelean Structuralism
and Neuroscience (perhaps with an emphasis on Evolutionary Anthropology), you realize you are a nerd with a mid-life crisis.

(Don’t worry I’m going back to finish that PhD in fall first.)

I remembered when I turned 30 I got a smokin’ hot red-headed gf (now wife) and a new Harley. I think my last mid-life crisis was much cooler.

Don’t act like I’m being all snotty or anything!

You all just understood what I wrote, which makes you equally nerdy for following me down the nerd rabbit hole.

Besides, I’ve been into Neuroscience since I was a kid, theatre just paid the bills…wait…did I really just say that?

What I meant was…I’m going to put on last fall’s Michael Kors and see if I can pull it off with an “oversized Starbucks cup to make my hands look smaller”.

Now if I can just not fatigue out from the brain damage (stupid hate crime), perhaps I can go back to work…or I’ll be forced to be a writer to torture all of you forever.

Full cognitive recovery is a bonus.  I’ll finish the PhD next academic year.