Okay, technically I’m (I), but I’m a lesbian, so we know I’m not voting for the GOP. I was ill for a bit, so I was late entering the political extravaganza.

I saw Bernie saying he was a big gay rights supporter, I was like, hey, who’s this Bernie guy, I could like Socialism. Turns out he voted against gay marriage in his home state in 2006 and thought civil unions were good enough. I’m familiar with separate but equal.

He voted against DOMA but based on states rights.

He’s never been a gay rights supporter before 2009 and he and Hillary have a 93 percent voting match.

They are both fairly honest for career politicians (this is math, not propaganda people, run it through a computer program).

So, I look at their platforms and resumes and decide based on credentials I like them both, but like Hillary a little better based on foreign policy, how she’s coming up with money for domestic plans, and the fact that she sees there is a need to fix the broken GOP (we don’t need a one party system it skews checks and balances).

I’m a life long liberal lesbian. I like alliteration accidental is the best.

A quarter of my friends are ready to lynch me. (Half my friends are GOP so forgive my liberalism by nature as I forgive their conservative nature…we are friends) the other quarter are for Hillary.

Seriously, I am the worst person in the world because I don’t love Bernie Sanders. How dare I? The things I said about him not being there for queers are not true according to people who ignore fact.

Just stick your head in the sand and pretend facts do NOT exist.  There is no Snopes, New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Washington Post, or any number or websites to chose from if you do a cursory Google search that all say the same thing.

Lies, I tell you lies!

Now I’m an a55hole and people I’ve known for 20 years wish me the worst? They’ll vote for Trump before the vote for Hillary.


Because a fascist and a socialist are the same.

Now Bernie is saying Hillary is unqualified for the White House. If I’m looking at 5 resumes, she’s the only one who is for the role of commander and chief resume wise, and I’m willing to vote for the guy (Sanders) if he’s the Dems pick to keep the GOP out of the White House; however, I’m the devil.


Dems practically had a lock on this election.

Sanders went plain nutter in the last month or two. He won’t be able to beat Hillary, so the Superdelegates should flip…because?

Because why?


I don’t get.


Sorry, I didn’t see you were just going to have a meltdown.

Guess what? If we had a general election count we would have had President Gore (which I would have preferred).  It’s like he is no child left behind.  It doesn’t matter if Hillary has more votes, if she is slightly a more logical choice for the country as a moderate…

The far left wing is going to have a complete meltdown and my friends want my head on a pike for some reason because I’m being unreasonable.  Can’t I see?  Hillary Clinton is EVIL!!!

Have you seen Ted Cruz platform?  How does that look to the average lesbian, woman, or just plain liberal?  Hell, what if you just a constitutionalist who believes in our forefathers freedom of religion that our country was founded on…wait…no…

We’re still throwing a freaking temper tantrum and the candidates are really similar.  I mean, Sanders and Hillary are very close.  I’m willing to vote for Sanders, the people who support him are the ones who frighten me.

True not as much as the racist misogynists that support Trump.  Trump is not as bad as his supporters.  The lower 20% of his bottom feeders are terrifying…they don’t think Lincoln should have freed the slaves (that statistic is true and has been repeated by academics).  I’m not saying Trump believes that.  There is no way he does believe that, but those that follow him do…well 1 in 5.


These are the people we need to keep out of office because we don’t need to empower their voters.  Ugh.

Sanders is trying to create a coup where there doesn’t need to be one. President Obama and VP Biden have all but said they endorse Hillary. She’s spent money trying to get Dems in the Senate and House elected, he’s wasted money on an election he can’t win and causing nothing but bad blood at this point.

It’s math.  He can’t win.  He’s just stirring the pot.


He’s either deluded, can’t do math, or wants to give the GOP an advantage.  He can’t win in NY or CA. Hillary will win leaving him short.  Why would the Superdelegates flip for him.  He’s outspent her at one point 27 to 1.

Karl Rove proved you couldn’t buy an election.

She still has more votes.  Flip the Superdelegates then he’ll have more votes in a coup?  Yeah, that’s real democratic.  We’re not a democracy, but I don’t know what the hell that is, but I don’t want to be a part of it.