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I have to say, I have been impressed this election cycle with the GOP tearing themselves apart and the Democratic Party practically being given a free ride to the White House with two viable candidates…Why not do everything as a liberal to screw that up and create drama where there should be none?

As a liberal lesbian who would vote for either candidate I am to be outright lynched by some of my dearest friends if I say anything generally positive about Hillary, i.e. I think she was a good Secretary of State or anything negative about Bernie Sanders (my introduction to him sadly, was when I fact checked him on his claim to be a staunch supporter of gay rights turned out to be not true).

Wow. Death to me.

Statistically, Hillary and Bernie are about the same person. They have a 93 percent voting match. Bernie is also a career politician (30 years). They lie (tell the truth) about the same amount (ducks) which is leaps and bounds above their GOP counter parts.But..

But…but…but…Hillary is a liar. Well, you’ve been told that for 20 years by a propaganda machine, and she does lie. She just doesn’t lie that often, and she lies as much as Sanders does. So if you think he is scrupulously honest, well she is too, statistically. Honestly, they aren’t that bad for career politicians and they tend to stick to their lies.

Bernie voted against DOMA! True. He also voted against gay marriage in 2006 in his home state of Vermont in 2006. He thought civil unions were good enough for us and he never made gay rights one of his issues, and he’s been on record about that since the beginning of his political career. He voted against DOMA based on states rights, he also made that clear at the time.

I was introduced to this race late. I was nearly beaten to death in a hate crime in NYC in 2011 and have spent time recovering and generally avoiding politics. I didn’t look into the race until Dec of 2015. Hillary was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign in Jan. 2016, which didn’t surprise given Sanders record. Hillary might flip flop, but she doesn’t outright lie and hold onto it. Sanders does, which is my primary problem with him, and it’s a person issue I know.

This being said, I would still vote for the man.


Social responsibility.

I prefer Hillary because she’s a known quantity and she can flip GOP voters and I’m a pragmatist. We have no idea what’s going to happen when the GOP attacks Sanders and he comes under scrutiny. I know people who vote for Sanders will lose their minds, they can’t even take a mild criticism from me, much less an attack ad from the GOP.

But…but…but he polls so much BETTER than Hillary. Yes. He also hasn’t come under any scrutiny whatsoever. Hillary has used kid gloves too. The GOP hasn’t considered him a real threat. I’m sure they are hoping the Dems pick a socialist. We know what America thinks of Hillary. What are they going to come up with…something new?

Let’s go back to social responsibility. (Sorry, got a TBI in that hate crime, took me a while to be able to put a verb back in a sentence.) There hasn’t been a one term president since George H Bush. We have an aging court. More than likely we will have several SCOTUS seats come up not just Scalia’s (if the GOP manages to maintain their ridiculous block in the Senate).

The GOP is now being openly racist and sexist. Do we want a GOP President appointing a Supreme Court Justice or a Democratic President? You can’t tell me Hillary Clinton would nominate the same kind of Justice that a GOP candidate would, and that effects the very fabric of our country for generations.

So this is where I think you are drawing the line in the sand and abdicating all responsibility. It’s your vote and you may do with it as you wish. Supposedly, you are a reporter/journalist. I take it this is the working theory. Do you really think this “article” you posted on the Internet is anything more than propaganda or a general rant?

There are so many who whine and claim if they don’t get their Bernie maybe they’ll vote for Trump. Because we all know a fascist and a socialist are EXACTLY the same thing.

Okay, this is published on realclearpolitics yesterday and I’m the only comment. I just found this here…strange.

Now Trump (unlike the rest of the GOP) is not anti-LGBTQ; however, he is sexist, racist, and openly Islamaphobic (to the degree he had to come out and publicly say he would not create internment camps for American Muslims). I do not like the GOP’s handling of Trump on a moral basis. They don’t want him to be their candidate and they have begged their voters not to vote for him, but still their voters insist. I think they are obligated to put him on the ticket and not do this brokered candidate crap. I do NOT want a fascist running our country; however, we pretend to be a democracy (we aren’t one…look at the electoral college and you know we aren’t by definition) so Trump if he gets the most votes should be the candidate.

The GOP candidates as of today have gone back on their signed oath to the GOP saying they would back whoever the GOP nominee would be Aug/Sept.  I guess keeping your signed oath (word) isn’t applicable if you don’t wanna.  Shrug.

I personally thing this election cycle has brought out the worst in everyone: the worst in every party, the American people, and indeed the world.

People used to hide the fact if they were racist or sexist, now it’s a badge or pride.

White privilege used to be something we would skirt…now white people are throwing the term black privilege around like it’s an actual thing and pointing to Black history month and jumping up and down and like idiots.

In general I think white people have lost their friggin’ minds.  Oh, in general the whole country is taking a leave of it’s senses, but it’s being led by us throwing about racism like we want to bring back separate lunch counters.

Yes, I did start with Hillary and Bernie and took a right turn, unfortunately so did the rest of the country.

As I peer around the corner and watch Trump and Cruz tweet about each other’s wives while another terrorist bomb goes off and the media doesn’t even bother to really cover it, BECAUSE by GAWD we should miss a moment of Heidi or something…

Definitely time for a break.